Monday, June 16, 2008

Girls Just Wanted to Have Fun

I took a little pre-vacation to Palm Springs last weekend with my sister Sarah and my friend Beth. We left husbands and babies (theirs, not mine) at home and took off. Though my sister's 7 month pregnant belly prevented us from partaking in the usual mass quantities of margaritas by the pool, we managed to survive on Arnold Palmers and iced lattes. The weather was perfect (only about 100 degrees) and the free room upgrade was so appreciated.

The girls.

Here's just some of the room. I realize I should have taken pictures before we messed it all up, but I had other priorities like getting to the pool.

This script was left in the room. I read through it and was not all that impressed. Just watch, the movie will be a blockbuster and I could have sold the draft of the script for a million dollars.

I can't believe some people only bring out a towel to the pool. Amateurs.

This is what happens to magazines when they sit in the sun for too long. I had more than a few months of reading to catch up on. I still have a few left.

No pictures of us in our bathing suits. No pictures in the pool. I'm not crazy. Nobody sees me with my swim noodle. Nobody.

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Jihan said...

Ahh, "The Tipping Point"... Staten lives is life by that book now.

I'm a "connector"-- what are you?
Read the book and let me know:)