Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best Blogger BFF Ever!

I arrived home the other day only to find a package on my doorstep only to find that it was a little gift from my blogger best friend, Jihan. It was Jihan's "Favorite Things Swap" that got me into this whole blogging world in the first place. Though we have yet to meet, it is going to happen soon and it is going to be great! Thank you, Jihan. You always make my day!

Inside the goodies included some tall candles (to celebrate our 1 year friendship), some jelly pens, bath tea, a candle holder, orange-shaped nail files, and letterpressed cards. It's amazing that someone I have never met can know me so well!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Girls Just Wanted to Have Fun

I took a little pre-vacation to Palm Springs last weekend with my sister Sarah and my friend Beth. We left husbands and babies (theirs, not mine) at home and took off. Though my sister's 7 month pregnant belly prevented us from partaking in the usual mass quantities of margaritas by the pool, we managed to survive on Arnold Palmers and iced lattes. The weather was perfect (only about 100 degrees) and the free room upgrade was so appreciated.

The girls.

Here's just some of the room. I realize I should have taken pictures before we messed it all up, but I had other priorities like getting to the pool.

This script was left in the room. I read through it and was not all that impressed. Just watch, the movie will be a blockbuster and I could have sold the draft of the script for a million dollars.

I can't believe some people only bring out a towel to the pool. Amateurs.

This is what happens to magazines when they sit in the sun for too long. I had more than a few months of reading to catch up on. I still have a few left.

No pictures of us in our bathing suits. No pictures in the pool. I'm not crazy. Nobody sees me with my swim noodle. Nobody.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Did you miss me?

Where on earth have the last two months gone? I find it unbelievable that June has crept up so fast and is now clouding us with its gloom as it quickly moves along. Last post April 9? Really? Say it isn't so. I have been such a neglectful blogger and for all four of you reading, I give you my sincerest apologies. It's not as if I have been jet setting or crime fighting or even doing anything remotely interesting. Nope. I have just been enjoying life (as the title of this lovely little blog reminds me to do) without taking the time to slow down and capture it all in words. But enough of that. It's time for an update. Trust me, you won't be all that impressed. But this is my outlet. This is where I log the happenings of my life so that I may go back later and reminisce. No, I do not mean that you are inconsequential, rather that even when my life seems somewhat mundane I must carry on. Even if it may not appeal to the masses. For this is not a place to gain popularity. It is just a place to jot down my thought and record my memories. Thanks for coming back. I'll be better about posting from here forward. I promise. Except for the next two weeks while I am on vacation. But when I return, watch out. You won't be able to get rid of me. You'll see.

Since April 9, I...
  • celebrated my sister in law's, my nephew's, and my niece's birthdays
  • celebrated Mother's and Father's Day
  • cracked up as I watched Gabe and Chris (my cousin's husband) jam in the living room
  • watched Sawyer learn to ride a bike
  • attended Connor's First Holy Communion
  • spent time with my husband's family
  • laughed hysterically as my brother and brother in law "borrowed" the neighbor's Ferrari for a "swing around the block"
  • learned to play not only Wii boxing, bowling and tennis, but also Guitar Hero
  • realized we need to buy a Wii
  • went to Palm Springs for girls' weekend
  • read a couple of books and finally caught up on my magazines from January
  • planned and threw a baby shower for my sister
  • lost 8.5 pounds
  • rediscovered the fun of bubble gum (Bubblicious, to be exact)
  • got a terrible sun burn
  • finally organized my office after 2 years of using it as "the everything room"
  • decided to get serious about pulling my website together
  • realized that I need to be more focused on all of these little projects (read: this blog) and follow through

So here it is. April and May in pictures. Enjoy. June will be up tomorrow.

Gabe was a very good uncle these past two months. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of family functions.

Needless to say, I am terrible at Guitar hero. Gabe was quite the virtuoso.
If I ever owned a Ferrari, I really don't think I would just be letting the neighbors take it out for a spin.
Sawyer can now officially ride a "big boy bike".
Don't get me wrong, I love being married to a drummer. But it would be sooo much quieter if he took up guitar.

Randi and Lyndi don't always get to have rock concerts in their living room. I don't often get to hear Gabe play High School Musical numbers on the drums.

This is Gabe's Wii guy. The resemblance is uncanny.

Yes, it hurt even worse than it looked and no, I was not naked in this picture. I had a towel on. Please wear sunscreen. Please.